Thursday, July 21, 2011


Tonight I went to the casino and played Blackjack in person for the first time. I have practiced on iPhone apps before, but to feel chips in my hand was definitely an experience. At some point in the night I was over $150 but I busted out and only walked away with what I came in. Luckily it was my first time at that casino so I had some free money to play with and ended up winning $20 on the slots.

Overall, it was a very fun night and I can't wait to go again... I have a day off tomorrow, so I may go back to the lion's den.

Here is a rundown of my standing with the gambling circuit:

First time: 
-$44 bingo
-$40 slots

July 7:
-$54 bingo
-$247 slots
-$5 ATM fee

July 21:
+$20 on slots

That's right, if I've dine my math right I am -$370. Please wish me luck that I come out in the positive, or at least less negative.

Ace of <3Meaere

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