Thursday, July 28, 2011


I have really been dreading this post. So I'm going to get right to it. Four nights ago, I lost 300 dollars. Yes, you read that right, I lost all the money that I had won and more. I was very ill about it, but I just couldn't wait to get back to the casino to win it back. That's when I realized I definitely had a problem.

I re-evaluated my problem but didn't listen to the inner voice telling me to stop. Two nights later, two nights ago today, I went back to the casino with a plan. I took $100 with me. If I were to go down to $50 then I'd stop playing. At one point I was up by an extra $100, but I was losing and I got up from the table with $50. I deciding to celebrate my win by putting $10 in the slots.

Let's step back a bit and let me start by saying that from the day of my payday last week, I have taken out $180. I had lost $80 on the day of my Big Loss. Now we go back to this day, my running sub-total is $40 lost from my paycheck.

Well, I went back to the casino last night taking my same $100 and planning to win my other $40 back and to just come out even. But guess what? I won $160 tonight! Well, actually $175, but since I was with friends, I put $15 into the slots to be sociable.

As of now my all-time running total is now: -$260.
My paycheck total is: $120.

Side note: To be honest my all-time running total is what I consider a sunk cost because that is mostly money spent on bingo and slots before I discovered Blackjack.

You better believe that I took $200 of my $300 cash and deposited it into my bank account and out of my hands. I now know some strategy of when to stop playign and either cut my losses (from $100 to $50, per se) or hinder my winnings from slipping away from me (when I lose three hands in a row).

I do plan on going tomorrow night, so I will sign of as...
The girl who doesnt learn her lesson,

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